Conditions of Service & Policies

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The purpose of the "Conditions of Service" document is to provide a means of communicating the types and level of service available to the customers within the distributor’s service territory.

The current version of the Conditions of Service was published in 2021. Since then, various changes to regulations and codes that govern Distributor activities have come into effect, which in turn require updates to the original document. The revised document is available to view in PDF format.

Customers may also obtain a printed copy of the revised Conditions of Service and our policies at our office at 400 C Line.

CHEC Conditions of Service

Security Deposit Policy

Billing and Payment Policy

DisconnectionReconnection Policy

Supply Mix

Orangeville Hydro Limited is obligated as a distributor of electricity to supply every person connected to our distribution system (The Electricity Act, 1998). Also, as a provider of standard supply service, and according to the Act, we must disclose the system-wide electricity supply mix. The electricity supply mix, for an electricity product, is the combination of power sources used to generate the product. For details please refer to the 2021 Supply Mix.


In the electricity sector, the following persons must be licensed by the Ontario Energy Board: distributors; transmitters; generators; retailers; wholesalers; smart sub-meters; the Independent Electricity System Operator; and the Smart Metering Entity. Section 57(a) of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 provides that no person is permitted to own or operate a distribution system without a licence. Orangeville Hydro must comply with the Ontario Energy Board’s Distribution System Code, Affiliate Relationships Code for Electricity Distributors and Transmitters, Retail Settlement Code, Standard Supply Service Code, and all other conditions as set out in our License.

Dispute/Complaint Resolution Process

Customer Service is an important part of the way Orangeville Hydro Limited does business. It’s our goal to deliver superior service that meets your expectations on every phone call, email exchange, home or business visit. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to assist you with your inquiries and concerns. If you have a concern or question, we encourage you to get in touch with us by telephone, email, or mail.