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Ongoing Projects

orangeville hydro ongoing projects

Ongoing Projects

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding the following two projects please contact the office at 519-942-8000 or send us an email.

B120, B122 – MS2 Voltage Conversion

This project is a continuation of Orangeville Hydro’s (OH) voltage conversion program from 4.16KV to 27.6KV.

Project area was selected based on asset condition assessment as well as its geographical location within our distribution system.

The existing 4.16KV infrastructure in this area is served by our Municipal Substation #2 which is OH’s oldest.
Project scope includes installation of hydro infrastructure such as, transformers, underground cable and directional drilling which protects both people and the proposed underground primary cable.

This project commenced in Q1, and the target end date is Q3 of 2023

B117 – New Pole Line

This Project is a continuation of Orangeville Hydro’s (OH) continued infrastructure renewals. The pole line being replaced is 44KV line that will be moved from private property to along side the old rail line.

The Existing Pole line has very limited access and is some of Orangeville’s oldest remaining infrastructure.

Project scope includes 9 new poles and hardware. New Load break switch, 1000 meters of overhead conductor.

This Project will commence and be completed in Q2 of 2023