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Water Service

Orangeville Hydro bills on behalf of the Town of Orangeville and Grand Valley for water and sewer.

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Water Rates

Submitting a Water Read

If you have been contacted by phone or email and asked to provide a water read, please submit your read below.

Town of Orangeville

Orangeville Hydro bills on behalf of the Town of Orangeville for water and sewer charges. If you have any questions about water and sewer rates, please contact Orangeville Public Works.

Town of Grand Valley

Orangeville Hydro bills on behalf of the Town of Grand Valley for water charges. If you have any questions about water rates, please contact the Water department at the Town of Grand Valley.

Please note that Town of Grand Valley Council passed a water usage billing rate increase effective July 1st, 2021. In order to support the Town’s commitment to providing residents of Grand Valley with high-quality drinking water, protecting the environment and renewing existing infrastructure, the following billing rates will be effective.

  • $20.00 flat rate per month is charged to all customers for water supplied (unchanged)
  • Usage of water will be charged @ $0.79/m3 (up to 15m3) and @ $1.00/m3 (over 15m3)

Please see Schedule I of the Town’s Fees By Law regarding the 2021 Water Usage Rates.

Questions Regarding Your Water

If you have specific questions regarding water such as, submitting a water read and what a water meter looks like, please visit our Frequently Asked Water Questions.

Water Meter

In the Town of Orangeville, it is mandatory for all residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers to have a water meter. A water meter is a device which measures the amount of water supplied to your home. For more information regarding the Water Meter Upgrade Program click here Water Meters.

Water and Wastewater Bill Adjustment

The Water and Wastewater Bill Adjustment Policy allows eligible customers to get a one-time credit on their water and wastewater account when they have high water consumption due to a leak in their plumbing system. Click here for more information Water Bill Adjustment Request.

Water Emergencies

You can report a water emergency click here Water Emergencies.

Water Leaks

Toilets, faucets, water softeners, sprinkler systems, swimming pools and hot tubs are all common sources of household leaks. Click here for tips to uncover Water leaks in your home.

Water Conservation

Looking for ways to conserve water? For water saving ideas click here Water Conservation.