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Rebates & Financial Help

Are you experiencing financial difficulty?

Orangeville Hydro is making changes to help our customers that are experiencing economic uncertainty throughout the pandemic. 

With increasing concerns around the COVID-19 virus, Orangeville Hydro is taking additional measures to support our customers that are experiencing economic uncertainty. Customers may request a flexible payment arrangement on arrears.

Orangeville Hydro can offer advice or refer you to assistance programs to get you back on track with your bill. Feel free to talk to one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at (519)942-8000.

Financial Help

Dufferin County offers a wide range of services to our residents. For more information Call: (519) 941-6991 or visit their website at

Financial Assistance Options and Programs

  1. A Board-prescribed standard arrears management program for all residential customers.
  2. A Board-prescribed equal monthly payment plan option for all residential customers.

Ontario Electricity Support Program

You may qualify for a credit to be applied directly to your electricity bill by applying for the Ontario Electricity Support Program.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) pays up to $500 of the amount owing on your bill. This is a one-time emergency payment only. For more information please call County of Dufferin Community Services (519)941-6991

Home Assistance Program

Home Assistance Program

Better manage the electricity costs for your home or social housing property with help from the Home Assistance Program. You may qualify for FREE energy-efficient upgrades such as light bulbs, appliances, insulation and more.

Meter Relocation Rebate

If your meter is located inside your building and considered a difficult to access meter, Orangeville Hydro offers $500.00 towards the cost of moving the meter to the outside of the building.

Toilet Rebate

The Town of Orangeville provides a rebate to eligible customers who buy a WaterSense® certified toilet which replaces an existing toilet with a flush volume of 6 litres or larger. For additional information please visit, Orangeville Public Works.