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If you will be renting your property to a tenant, you have the option to sign the Continuous Service Agreement. By signing the Continuous Service Agreement you allow us to place the service in your name if we do not have any new tenant information on file. Therefore, by signing the Continuous Service Agreement you will avoid interruptions in electrical service.

If you choose to not sign the Continuous Service Agreement and a tenant on file is moving out and we have no new tenant information on file, the electricity service will be disconnected when the tenant moves out. If the account has a water service, it will be placed in the owner’s name and an account setup fee will apply. When a new tenant does sign for service, you (the landlord) will be charged a $65.00 re-connection fee.

Water and Sewer

Property owners are responsible for all water and sewer charges for their property, including charges from their tenants’ use. Water and sewer arrears may be transferred to the landlords property taxes.