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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m moving out of Orangeville/ Grand Valley and need to cancel my service, what do I need to do?

When moving out of an area that we service, we will need you to fill out a move out form.

I’m moving into Orangeville/Grand Valley and need to set up service, what do I need to do?

When moving into an area that we service, we will need you to fill out a move in form.

I’m moving from one Orangeville/ Grand Valley location, into another Orangeville/ Grand Valley location and need to transfer my services over, what do I need to do?

When moving within an area that we service, we will need you to fill out a move within form.

I’ve submitted the online form but I’m unsure if it was received, how can I tell?

Any form submitted online will come directly to us; if you do not receive the confirmation email please check your Junk mail. If you are still unsure and want to follow up we encourage you to give us a call five business days after submitting the form. 519-942-8000

Are there deposits required for setting up service?  How do I pay these deposits?

If you are a tenant we will require the electricity and water deposit upfront before processing the application of service. If you are an owner you may pay your deposits upfront with the application, or have them appear on your first bill. Deposits can be called in by phone, or paid in the office. More information about the amount of the deposits and how to wave the initial electricity fee can be found here DEPOSITS

Are there fees charged for cancelling a service?

There are no fees for cancelling hydro/ water services.


I have electricity charges and water/sewer charges on my bill, if I make a partial payment on my account where does my payment get applied to?

As per section 2.6.6 of the Distribution System Code ‘Where a bill issued to a residential customer includes charges for goods or services other than electricity charges, a distributor shall allocate any payment made by the customer first to the electricity charges and then, if funds are remaining, to the charges for the goods or services.’

How can I tell which dates I was billed for?

On the second half of your bill under Account Number and Name is a chart, the chart states Read Dates the “Previous” is the start of the bill date, and the “Present” is the end of the bill date (i.e. Previous- 2020-12-01/Present-2021-01-01).

My bill didn’t come in the mail this month, what should I do?

Our bills are mailed out at the same time every month, therefore if you didn’t receive your bill this month you can call and inquire about your balance. We also offer an online version of your bill through our Customer Connect portal that gives you the option to receive e-bills if you prefer. If you recently purchased your home it can take a minimum of 6-8 weeks before you receive your first bill.

I need to remove someone from my bill and my account/ I need to add someone to my bill and my account, how do I do this?

When adding or removing occupants from the bill/account we need the request in writing and for both parties to acknowledge and sign the request. It can be sent to the office via email, fax or placed in the night deposit box. Email: [email protected] Fax: 519-941-6061. Night deposit box is located beside the front door in the office.

If we didn’t answer all your questions, more information about billing and accounts can be found here: Residential Billing


I’m doing some work around my yard and need to make sure I don’t hit any lines, what do I do?

Before you begin your project, you’ll need to contact Ontario One Call by phone (1-800-400-2255) or visit their website to request a locate. You must contact Ontario One Call 5 business days before you begin your project. After which someone will come by to mark your property.

Visit the Ontario One Call website to learn more


Do you service my hot water tank?

No we do not service hot water tanks. The hot water tank providers name and number can be found on a sticker attached to the tank.

Tax Receipts

I need to know how much I spent last year on my hydro and/or water for tax purposes.

If you sign up for Customer Connect you can view/print your current and previous bills. You can also sign up for e-billing, view and track your electricity usage, see the Time-of-Use schedule and much more. All you need is a copy of one of your bills and you can sign up for Customer Connect

Customer Connect

Customer Connect is an online tool that customers can use to access their billing (current and previous), payment history, electricity consumption, and sign up for e-billing. In this section you will find the steps on how to register for Customer Connect, as well as helpful and informative tips.

Creating a new Customer Connect Account

  • Access Customer Connect
  • Click “New user? Register for a new account”
  • Enter
  • Customer Account Number (no zero in front)
  • Create a username (no space)
  • Email
  • Confirm Email
  • New Password (minimum 3 letters, 1 digit, 1 special character)
  • Confirm Password
  • Select a Security Question
  • Answer
  • Meter Number (Electric Meter number located on your bill)

What you have access to

View your bill online (current and previous bills available): Click on Billing > View Bill > Choose Date
View Usage: Reports > Electric Consumption Report
View Balance History (all bills and payments made): Billing > Balance History


Meter Number

  • The electric meter number letters “OV” must be entered as capital letters (Example: OV1234)

Final Accounts

  • No longer have Customer Connect access once account is final

How to Link Additional Account

  • Click on the people icon (top right-hand corner) to add accounts. Click on Switch button to view accounts one at a time

Did not Receive Confirmation Email

  • Check junk or spam folder, firewall may also cause problems with registering


  • Creating a Customer Connect account does not automatically sign you up for e-billing. You must select this option. Once logged in Select Billing, E-billing and choose option

Change Email Address

  • Log into your account and click on My Account Icon > Select > Update


  • Program works best with Google Chrome
  • Firewall settings may prevent from accessing
  • Flash player must also be updated