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Financial Programs

With increasing concerns around the COVID-19 virus, Orangeville Hydro is taking additional measures to support our customers that are experiencing economic uncertainty. Customers may request a payment arrangement on arrears.

Orangeville Hydro can offer advice or refer you to assistance programs to get you back on track with your bill. Please contact us to talk to one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at (519)942-8000.

Businesses affected by the Red Zone

The Government of Ontario is providing $600 million in relief to support eligible businesses required to close or significantly restrict services due to enhanced public health measures.

Funding is available to cover the length of time that regionally targeted provincial public health restrictions are in place. Businesses that are eligible will receive a rebate that will fully offset energy costs for electricity and natural gas (or heating oil/propane), as well as property tax.

Apply on the Government of Ontario website


COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program for Small Business & Charitable Organizations

CEAP-SB will be available to small business and registered charity customers served by Orangeville Hydro, including those that have a contract with an electricity retailer, who meet all of the following criteria.

  1. The customer has an active account with Orangeville Hydro
  2. The customer’s account falls within the following class:
    • The General Service less than 50 kW rate class (Customers can find information about their class on their bill, or they can contact Orangeville Hydro)
  3. The customer has a registered business number or charitable registration number for the small business or registered charity operating out of the premises.
  4. As of the date you are applying, your small business or registered charity have overdue amounts owing from one or more previous electricity bill(s)

Apply here