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A security deposit may be required before your electrical service is activated. The deposits for a residential account are as follows:

  • Non-electric Heat $150
  • Electric Heat $300
  • Water $100 – The deposit of $100 for water/sewer services can not be waived. It is to be collected from every customer with water/sewer service when they move into a new address. The deposit will be held until┬áthe customer moves.

For more information on water and sewer, please refer to the Town of Orangeville Public Works

The deposit for the electricity may be waived by completing one of the following options:

  • providing us with a satisfactory letter of reference from a previous recent utility
  • providing us with a satisfactory recent credit score (a score of at least 622)
  • signing up for pre-authorized payments

If you pay the deposit, after one year of good payment history your deposit will be credited to your account. A customer is deemed to have a good payment history unless the customer has received more than one disconnection notice, more than one cheque given to Orangeville Hydro by the customer has been returned for insufficient funds, more than one pre-authorized payment to Orangeville Hydro has been returned for insufficient funds, a disconnect/collection trip has occurred or the distributor had to apply a security deposit and required the customer to repay the security deposit.

For more information on electricity, please refer to the Ontario Energy Board’s Distribution System Code


Pre-Authorized Debit Form

Customers wishing to set up pre-authorized Payments must complete and sign the Pre Authorized Debit Form.
If on equal billing, please review your equal billing amount as it may change throughout the year.