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New Changes to the rebate under the Ontario Rebate for Electricity Consumers Act, 2016

Effective November 1, 2019, the Province of Ontario replaced the 8% Provincial Rebate with a new 31.8% Ontario Electricity Rebate. The rebate, formerly known as the 8% Provincial Rebate, is being renamed the “Ontario Electricity Rebate” (OER). As is the case now, the credit will be calculated on the basis of the pre-tax “base invoice amount”.

The eligibility requirements for the rebate are also changing. Consumers with demand of 50 kilowatts or less or annual consumption of 250,000 kilowatt hours or less, farms, and licensed long-term care homes (other than where the electricity account is also in respect of a hospital) remain eligible.

Under the new rules, “multi-unit complexes”(a) they contain at least two “qualifying units”; with demand above 50 kilowatts and annual consumption above 250,000 kilowatt hours will qualify for the rebate if (b) at least 50% of the units within the complex are qualifying units; and (c) the complex provides its distributor with the required notice.

Certain types of multi-unit complexes are specifically excluded from eligibility, such as hospitals, universities, trailer parks and hotels.

As a transitional measure, customers that were receiving the rebate on October 22, 2019 but do not satisfy the revised eligibility requirements will continue to receive the (increased) rebate until October 31, 2020, as long as they provide the required notice to their distributor by January 31, 2020. If they do not provide the notice, they will stop getting the rebate on January 31, 2020.

Multi-unit complexes that were receiving the rebate immediately before November 1, 2019 and meet the revised eligibility requirements will also need to provide the required notice by January 31, 2020 in order to ensure the uninterrupted application of the rebate.

Water and Sewer Rate Change

February 18, 2020

Effective immediately you will see a rate change on your water and sewer bill issued by Orangeville Hydro for consumption after January 1st, 2020.

Toll Free Number

January 6, 2020

Orangeville Hydro has a toll free number 1-888-844-8493. This number can be used to obtain your account balance and/or to make a payment towards your account using Paymentus.

Notice of Change to Conditions of Service Document

May 28, 2019

The Distribution System Code requires that every distributor produce its own “Conditions of Service” document. The purpose of this document is to provide a means of communicating the types and level of service available to the customers within the distributor’s service territory. The current version of the Conditions of Service was published in 2017. Since… Continue reading Notice of Change to Conditions of Service Document

A Note to our Customers regarding Changes to Conservation Programs

April 18, 2019

Orangeville Hydro Limited would like to thank all of our customers for the success of our energy-efficiency programs during the Conservation First Framework. It is through your participation in the programs and commitment to energy efficiency that, together, as at December 15, 2018, we were able to reduce the electricity use in our community by… Continue reading A Note to our Customers regarding Changes to Conservation Programs